I have owned and operated Arcusin Multipack bale-packers for the last 12 seasons and have found them to perform well and be very reliable. As a hay and straw supplier and contractor I needed a machine that would speed up the operation of bale handling and it needed to produce good, firm and stable packs that could be handled by any bale grab/squeezer on the market. I also needed a machine that was capable of working on steep banks and awkward shaped fields and that could be transported easily along narrow lanes. I can confirm that the two machines I have owned, one Multipack A14 and one Multipack B14, have both performed exceptionally well in every aspect of their operations and that I have been extremely pleased with them. This year I have gained extra work from customers who have used other bale-packing machines but preferred the Arcusin packs for weight and stability. In fact, by the end of January 2015 I will have sold out of my supplies of hay and straw for this very reason!

Simon Chiles (Agricultural Contractor) 15.01.15


I have run an Arcusin Multipack conventional bale packer now for a number of seasons, currently we run a C14 machine.

Last year we packed in excess of 45000 bales (hay, straw and haylage). The machine is very simple to use and has been very reliable. The C14 is very quick and in certain circumstances we have to use two balers to keep sufficently in front of it. The ability of the Arcusin to handle a full 4 foot bale length is a great transport advantage to us.

Richard Brooks Director Eurobale Ltd. 26.01.15