Multipack E14


Arcusin introduces the Multipack E14, a game-changing bale packer engineered to transform farming operations. Versatile and lightweight, the E14 allows to pick up 14 small bales of any size and package them into compact & uniform larger packs, offering ultimate convenience to end users and simplifying storage and transportation.

The E14 model delivers unprecedented compaction through its adjustable compaction chamber and a new design of the back gate, compressing the package horizontally and vertically as it is formed. The pick-up has also been reinforced and a new guided system has been incorporated to guarantee excellent performance and durability when working with larger bales and difficult terrains.

The tying process has also been optimized and a fifth knotter has been incorporated to ensure superior bundle fixation, and the new touchscreen control system allows farmers to customize the machine performance based on their needs. New programs enable selection of bale size, desired compaction levels, variable tension of the twine based on product conditions (wet/dry), pusher speed and more, ensuring a seamless integration into each farmer’s unique workflow.

Generating Profit

  • One-man operation to collect and pack conventional square bales.
  • Fully automatic system: the tractor driver just presents the bales to the pickup head.
  • Significant time and cost savings in bale collection, transportation, storage and handling.
  • Allows for fully mechanized bale handling process.
  • Packing is separate from the baling process and so can be done when not baling as well as when baling (e.g. can pack in the evening when it is too damp to bale).
  • Barn storage of packs is an efficient use of space. Stacks are very stable and the barn can be mechanically filled and emptied.
  • Economical to run: low tractor horsepower requirements.


  • 14 bales per pack (maximum).
  • 10 or 12 bales per pack (with the use of a chamber restrictor). Ten bale packs are used when the packs require wrapping.
  • Conventional square bales of any size can be handled, up to a maximum length of 120 cm.
  • 5 knotters for better fixation of the bundle. Customers looking to collect shorter bales (75-80 cm long) can now tie the packs with four packing twines.
  • Packs hay, straw and haylage.
  • Will also operate in a stationary mode, packing barn stored bales out of season.


Designed, tested and manufactured for intensive work under all field conditions.

  • Mechanical and operational simplicity.
  • All operations controlled from the tractor cab.
  • New touchscreen monitor system.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Trouble-free operation.
  • Easy setup, only basic training required.