Through us you can order your big bale twine in standard packs (16.8Kg) , large packs (20Kg) or in giant single spools (12.6Kg/spool). We also offer conventional baler twines and netwrap or balewrap products.

Baler twines

Conventional baler twine in 10Kg or 16.8Kg packs
Medium Twine – 12,000
Hay Twine – 10,000
Trucker Twine – 9250

Hesston (Big Bale Twine)

Hesston Big Bale Twine in Standard (16.8Kg) packs or Larger (20Kg) packs or in Giant Single Spools of (12.6Kg) each.
Standard (16.8Kg) packs and Giant Single Spools (12.6Kg each) – Offer 7200 size only.
Larger (20Kg) Packs – Offer 7200, 7600 and 8600 Twine Sizes.


Cordex ULTRAGRIP is optional. This makes standard twine into a high performance twine. Grip is increased by 80% over standard twine and maximum knot strength is achieved to avoid knot slippage.


  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Anti-UV Treatment
  • Covers the whole bale side to side
  • Guaranteed minimum net length
  • Identification on each roll for traceability
  • Red warning of 50m on the end of the roll
  • Larger 3600m rolls-reduces downtime and baling costs

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