I’m Paul Joseph, an Agricultural Contractor based in Wiltshire and I started my business in 1996.

In the early years I concentrated on baling straw, selling it to hauliers and as my business grew I just couldn’t clear the fields quick enough so I researched the market and for the 2006 harvest, I hired in an Arcuisn Auto-Stack bale stacker. I decided it was the best bale stacker out there and that’s still my opinion today.

It revolutionised my operation and whilst I was convinced it was the way forward, the machine I hired wasn’t for me so I bought my own for the 2007 harvest & it has provided me with loyal service ever since!.

My machine was made to order and I was privileged to visit the SIMA Exhibition, France and see my machine displayed on the Arcusin stand – it was a memorable day.

The Arcusin Auto-Stack is well made and of sound construction, although we have modified bits of it over the years.

It’s one of my favourite machines to drive although getting to know how to drive it can be troublesome at first but once mastered, it’s simple. I’ve trained staff members to drive it as well and whilst it’s fairly daunting, we do get there in the end.

In 2014, we baled around 21000 straw bales in Claas Quadrant 3200 & 3300 sizes and my Arcusin picked up the majority of them. For a smooth operation, the twine on the bale has to be good and the ground where the stack is placed has to be fairly level.

It does clear the fields quickly, giving the farmers their fields back in a timely manner and the stacks are placed out of the way on a headland or hard standing for easy loading at a later date.

The machine looks impressive, even when it’s parked in the shed and people do question what it is, so when I was approached for it to be filmed for a childrens show, I was more than happy.

The Arcusin enhances our operation & I wouldn’t be without it.

Paul Joseph. January 2015.