Multipack D14


We now have to offer the New model Arcusin Multipack D14 conventional bale packing machine. This machine has many improvements when compared to the previous models. The machine pickup is now sited on the right-hand side of the machine which improves the ease of machine operation for the driver and is a more natural side to look as a machine operator. The in-cab control box and the pickup now being sited on the right-hand side, which is in-line with all modern tractor manufacturers control panels.

The pickup is now wider than before and has a sprung loaded soft start chain system that can more easily and smoothly collect the bales. The pickup also has the capacity to easily turn bales that are presented to the pickup at awkward angles (maybe at field corners). This is achieved by making the side bale guide panels sprung loaded, which allows the guide panels to flex and help turn the bale when entering the machine.

Finally, the addition of a small hydraulic cylinder allows the lower side guide panel to move well clear of any large tractor tyre mudguards when in the transport position.

Generating Profit

  • One-man operation to collect and pack conventional square bales.
  • Fully automatic system: the tractor driver just presents the bales to the pickup head.
  • Significant time and cost savings in bale collection, transportation, storage and handling.
  • Allows for fully mechanised bale handling process.
  • Packing is separate from the baling process and so can be done when not baling as well as when baling (e.g. can pack in the evening when it is too damp to bale).
  • Barn storage of packs is an efficient use of space. Stacks are very stable and the barn can be mechanically filled and emptied.
  • Economical to run: low tractor horsepower requirement.


  • 14 bales per pack (maximum).
  • 10 or 12 bales per pack (with the use of a chamber restrictor). Ten bale packs are used when the packs require wrapping.
  • Conventional square bales of any size can be handled, up to a maximum length of 120 cm.
  • Packs hay, straw and haylage.
  • Will also operate in a stationary mode, packing barn stored bales out of season.


Designed, tested and manufactured for intensive work under all field conditions.

  • Mechanical and operational simplicity.
  • All operations controlled from the tractor cab.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Trouble-free operation.
  • Easy setup, only basic training required.